The public may attend and can take the opportunity to raise issues with the Council in the public participation section of the meeting. Public may only participate in the ‘public’ section of the meeting, the remainder of the meeting must be quietly observed.
We endeavour to try and comply with legal legislation by ensuring the monthly agenda is available at least three working days before each meeting, however in the strive to be a proactive council this agenda may not be the finalised agenda of the meeting and a slightly updated agenda with more detail may be posted up to the actual day of the meeting.
DateAgenda LinkMinutes Link
Tuesday 18th January 2022Agenda
Tuesday 21st December 2021 **CANCELLED** Guidance from NALCN/AN/A
Tuesday 16th November 2021AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 19th October 2021AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 5th October 2021 - Extraordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st September 2021AgendaAgenda
Tuesday 17th August 2021AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 20th July 2021AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 22nd June 2021 (Face to Face)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 11th May 2021 - Annual Parish Assembly (Remote)Agenda
Friday 7th May 2021 - Extraordinary Annual Meeting (Remote)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 27th April 2021 (Remote Meeting) - Later date due to national mourningAgendaMinutes
Tuesday 16th March 2021 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 16th February 2021 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 19th January 2021 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Precept Meeting Tuesday 12th January 2121 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th December 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Extraordinary Meeting Thursday 26th November 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th November 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 20th October 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th September 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th August 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st July 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 16th June 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 19th May 2020 (Remote Monthly Meeting with Annual Tasks)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st April 2020 (Remote Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th March 2020AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th February 2020AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st January 2020AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th December 2019AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 19th November 2019AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th October 2019AgendaMinutes
Thursday 3rd October 2019 (Extraordinary Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th September 2019AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 20th August 2019AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 9th July 2019 (Revised Date)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th June 2019AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st May 2019
(Monthly Meeting with Annual Tasks)
Tuesday 16th April 2019
Tuesday 19th March 2019AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 5th March 2019 - Annual Parish AssemblyAgendaDRAFT Minutes
Tuesday 19th February 2019Agenda (Updated)Minutes
Tuesday 15th January 2019AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th December 2018AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 13th November 2018AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 16th October 2018Agenda (Updated)Minutes
Tuesday 18th September 2018Agenda (Updated)Minutes
Tuesday 21st August 2018AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th July 2018Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 19th June 2018Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 15th May 2018 (Monthly Meeting with Annual Tasks)Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 8th May 2018 - Annual Parish AssemblyAgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th April 2018Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 20th March 2018Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 20th February 2018Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 16th January 2018Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 19th December 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 21st November 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 17th October 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 19th September 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 15th August 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 18th July 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 20th June 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 16th May 2017 (Annual Meeting)Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 9th May 2017 - Annual Parish AssemblyAgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th April 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 21st March 2017Agenda (updated)Minutes
Tuesday 21st February 2017AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th January 2017AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 13th December 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th November 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th October 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 20th September 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 16th August 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 12th July 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st June 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th May 2016 (Annual Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 10th May 2016 - Annual Parish AssemblyAgendaMinutes
Tuesday 19th April 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th March 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 16th February 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 19th January 2016AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th December 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th November 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 20th October 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th September 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th August 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st July 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 16th June 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 26th May 2015 - Annual Parish AssemblyAgendaMinutes
Tuesday 19th May 2015 (Annual Meeting)AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st April 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th March 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th February 2015AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 20th January 2015Agenda
Tuesday 16th December 2014AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th November 2014Agenda Minutes
Tuesday 21st October 2014AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th July 2014AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th June 2014AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 20th May 2014Agenda
Tuesday 15th April 2014AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th March 2014AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th February 2014AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st January 2014AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th December 2013AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 19th November 2013AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 15th October 2013AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 17th September 2013AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 20th August 2013AgendaMInutes
Tuesday 16th July 2013AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 18th June 2013AgendaMinutes
Tuesday 21st May 2013AgendaMinutes

The Parish Council are also involved in other working, steering groups etc. Meeting overviews to those meetings can be found HERE.