Checkley Parish Cemetery

Checkley Parish cemetery is owned and maintained by Checkley Parish Council as a public cemetery for the residents of Checkley Parish (though non residents are allowed at request).

All graves and burials are registered and are available for inspection by arrangement with the Parish Clerk.

Checkley Parish Council run the Cemetery to a high standard with a minimum of financial burden upon the Council Tax payer. All monies obtained from burials and monuments are therefore reinvested into the Cemetery to ensure this peaceful and tranquil area is well maintained.

Checkley Parish Councils Burial Regulations are available HERE

Checkley Parish Council does not maintain or hold records for Christchurch cemetery (also on Hollington Road).


The cemetery is located about 1/2 mile from the centre of Upper Tean, heading towards Hollington along Hollington Road, on the right-hand side just past the last houses before you reach Heath House Lane.  For SatNav use postcode address 60, Hollington Road, ST10 4JT.


Cemetery Information

Below are the fees and details of new plots, interments and monuments for Checkley Parish Cemetery, Hollington Road, Upper Tean.

Resident Criteria:

Someone who is a resident in the Parish of Checkley (Upper Tean, Lower Tean, Checkley (inc Fole) & Hollington) at the time of their death.
Someone who has a husband, wife, child or parent buried in Checkley Parish Cemetery.
Someone who has previously lived in the Parish of Checkley for ten years or more.

The fees include the exclusive rights of burial for 100 years.
Cheques to be made payable to Checkley Parish Council.

Cemetery Interment Information

Checkley Parish Council only increases fee’s when absolutely necessary.  At the December 2023 meeting, the Parish Council agreed to a slight increase in line with other cemeteries in the surrounding area.  The below fees will be implemented from 1st April 2024.

Plot for One Person£231£504
Plot for Two Persons£253£552
Plot for Three Persons£275£600
Per Interment£242£528
Child / InfantVoluntary ContributionOn Application
Plot for One Person£170.50£372
Plot for Two Persons£192.50£420
Plot for Three Persons£214.50£468
Per Interment£99£216
Child / InfantVoluntary ContributionOn Application

When purchasing a new plot fee’s are plot purchase fee + interment fee

Cemetery Memorial Information

Payments are to be made at the time of application by cheque to Checkley Parish Council.
No installations, replacements or removals are to be carried out without prior notification to the Parish Clerk.
Cremation interment and memorials are no longer permitted on the incline next to the car park.
Slab memorials are also no longer permitted.
Each headstone must be engraved with the number of the grave.
New burial (not cremation) headstones must not be erected until 12 months after interment.  Memorial masons should satisfy themselves at to the stability of the soil or footings and its ability to support a memorial before the memorial is erected.

Permitted Memorial Sizes

Maximum WidthMaximum HeightMaximum Thickness
Cremation MonumentBase24"4"12"
Cremation MonumentPlate24"27"3"
Burial MonumentBase46"4"12"
Burial MonumentPlate46"27"3"

Memorial Fee’s

Cremation MemorialsPer Headstone£90.00
Per Addition£55.00
Burial MemorialsPer Headstone£120.00
Per Addition£55.00