Checkley Parish Growth Strategy – Consultation Starts 8th January 2021  **NOW CLOSED**

Checkley Parish Council are commencing consultation on the proposed growth strategy for residential development in the Parish of Checkley.

The Neighbourhood Steering Group have completed their assessments and evidence based gathering and have now made the report available to the community for comment.

The fundamental purpose of the ‘Growth Strategy’ is to proactively set out how we will continue to meet the development challenges that our District faces whilst being sympathetic to the aesthetic of our villages and the requirements of our residents.

The consultation period will run from 12pm, 8th January 2021 to 12pm, 9th February 2021.  Any comments received after the closure date will not be considered.

Report Information

The best way to view the report is online HERE

View settlement boundaries:

Upper Tean

Lower Tean


View proposed site allocations in addition to settlement boundaries HERE

How to Comment

If you have any comments on the proposed site allocations or settlement boundaries proposed as part of our growth strategy please submit your comments to:

Checkley Parish Neighbourhood Plan, c/o Parish Clerk, Greatwood Hall, Hollington Road, Upper Tean, Staffordshire, ST10 4JY

or email with Neighbourhood Plan Consultation in the subject.

Please be clear as to which part of the report your comments relate to.

What Happens Next?

The Steering Group and Council will consider the comments received and use them as appropriate to make changes to the Growth Strategy. If required we will then publish a new version for public consultation in spring 2021.


Responses logged – see consultation responses HERE

Steering group agreed to put to Checkley Parish Council.

Checkley Parish Council agreed to send to SMDC for initial screening.

Engagement Evidence

Consultation Press Release – HERE

Consultation Facebook Post – HERE