Neighbourhood Development Plan

01 Feb 2016

After recent and long term issues with the planning process, such as, major building projects being approved against the majority wishes of local residents in Tean and other smaller applications supported by the Parish Council being rejected. Checkley Parish Council has decided, unanimously, to create a Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that both local residents and the Parish Council do have more of a say in future developments in the whole Parish area. Thus as the headline states, Checkley Parish Council are looking for local residents to come along to the first residents meeting on February 1st at Great Wood Hall, 7.00pm . The parish council are hoping to establish resident’s groups throughout the Parish, to assist in the long term objective to have a Neighbourhood Plan by 2018. We are also hoping that other groups and organisations will also be involved in the consultation process. Please note these meetings and consultations are not to be confused with the Local Plan meetings, which occurred last year and are still being processed at SMDC. The first meeting will allow CPC to establish a residents group or group’s and to outline the process to those who attend the meeting. It is intended that this meeting will be the first of many during the Neighbourhood Planning process, which will lead to an on-going consultation process. For further details, please call the Clerk on 07840 456 397 or the Chair (Cllr Keith Flunder) on 07836 526834

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