Your Parish Councillors

Below are the contact details for “Checkley Parish Councillors.”  The role as a Parish Councillor is different to that of a District or County Councillor (for contact information for District & County Councillors please see the bottom of the page).

For more information on what is a Councillor CLICK HERE

All councillors must provide  ‘Register of Interest’ upon election.  These interests can be viewed on the Staffordshire Moorlands website – CLICK HERE

Cllr Bryan Stubbs 3 Hall Meadow, Upper Tean, Stoke on Trent, ST10 4ED     07729536964  
Cllr David Ball Sunny House, 8 Draycott Rd, Upper Tean, Stoke on Trent ST10 4JF 01538 722332 07782 104836
Cllr Keith Flunder Fole Spring Farm, Fole, Uttoxeter, Staffs ST14 5EF 01889 507069 07836 526834
Cllr Alan Hulme Meadowside, Overton Farm, Hollington, Staffs, ST10 4HW 01889 507349
Cllr Paul McCormack Saplings Barn, Strines Farm, Beamhurst, Staffs, ST14 5DZ 01889 507028 07967 522463
Vice Chair

Cllr Stephanie Akerman

9 Aintree Road, Upper Tean, Staffs, ST10 4EU  07895 168323

Cllr Colin Pearce

Gorsty Hall Farm, Upper Tean, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 4EL 01538 722369 07729 048721
Cllr Tom Wilkinson Sunnyhill, Smithy Bank, Alton, Staffs, ST10 4AD 07912 936783
Cllr David Trigger 27 Havensfield Drive, Upper Tean, Stoke on Trent ST10 4RR 01538 724688
Cllr Abbie Wilkinson 4 Cecily Grove, Cheadle, Staffordshire, ST10 1GA 01889 507278 07540 323124
Cllr Peter Wilkinson 1 Bank Cottages,Quarry Bank, Hollington, S-O-T, Staffs ST10 4HQ 01889 507278 07779 264277
Mrs Siân Morgan-Owen (Clerk) – The Parish Admin is supported by The Admin Genie UK     01538 528118  07840 456397



Chairs & Vice Chairs


Chair – Cllr Colin Pearce

Vice Chair – Cllr Stephanie Akerman

Cllr Colin Pearce (left) and Cllr Stephanie Akeman (right)


Chair – Cllr Peter Wilkinson

Vice Chair – Cllr Colin Pearce

Cllr Pete Wilkinson (left) and Cllr Colin Pearce (right)


Chair – Cllr Alan Hulme

Vice Chair – Cllr Colin Pearce

Cllr Alan Hulme (right) and Cllr Colin Pearce (left)


Chair – Cllr Keith Flunder

Vice Chair – Cllr Alan Hulme

Cllr Keith Flunder (left) and Cllr Alan Hulme (right).


Chair – Cllr David Ball

Vice Chair – Cllr Alan Hulme

Alan & David 02 4x4

Cllr David Ball (right) and Cllr Alan Hulme (left)

Photography by Denise Wheat Photography Ltd & The Admin Genie UK

Other Councillors

Quite a few Parish Councillors wear several council hats by being on the District Council and County Council, but not necessarily for the ward they are a Parish Councillor in.  Below is a list of our local Councillors for the ward that Checkley Parish sits under.

Staffordshire Moorlands District Councillors (Checkley Ward)

Cllr Colin Pearce

Cllr David Trigger

Cllr Mark Deaville

Staffordshire County Councillor (Staffordshire Moorlands Cheadle)

Cllr Mark Deaville