Cemetery Fees

Below are the fees and details of new plots, interments and monuments for Checkley Parish Cemetery, Hollington Road, Upper Tean.


Interment Fees


The below fees we set in March 2015 and are reviewed on an annual basis.  Checkley Parish Council only increases fee’s when absolutely necessary.

Resident Non Resident
Grave Plots
Plot for One Person  £        150.00  £        300.00
Plot for Two Persons  £        170.00  £        320.00
Plot for Three Persons  £        190.00  £        340.00
First Interment  £        150.00  £        250.00
Second Interment  £        150.00  £        250.00
Third Interment  £        150.00  £        250.00
Cremated Remains
Plot for One Person  £        110.00  £        220.00
Plot for Two Persons  £        130.00  £        240.00
Plot for Three Persons  £        150.00  £        260.00
First Interment  £          50.00  £        150.00
Second Interment  £          50.00  £        150.00
Third Interment  £          50.00  £        150.00

Resident Criteria:

Someone who is a resident in the Parish of Checkley (Upper Tean, Lower Tean, Checkley (inc Fole) & Hollington) at the time of their death.

Someone who has a husband, wife, child or parent buried in Checkley Parish Cemetery.

Someone who had lived in the Parish of Checkley for ten years or more.


The fees include the exclusive rights of burial for 100 years.

Cheques to be made payable to Checkley Parish Council.

Please download a ‘Notice of Interment’ form HERE.

Memorial Size and Fees


    Maximum Width Maximum Height Maximum Thickness
Cremation Remains


Base 24” 4” 12”
Plate 24” 27” 3”
Graves Base 46” 4” 12”
Plate 46” 27” 3”


Cremation Memorials Per Headstone £65.00
Per Addition £30.00
Grave Memorials Per Headstone £100.00
Per Addition £30.00

Payments are to be made at the time of application by cheque to Checkley Parish Council.

No installations, replacements or removals are to be carried out without prior notification to the Parish Clerk.

Cremation interment and memorials are no longer permitted on the incline next to the car park.

Slab memorials are also no longer permitted.

Each headstone must be engraved with the number of the grave.

Memorial masons should satisfy themselves at to the stability of the soil or footings and its ability to support a memorial before the memorial is erected.

Please download a ‘Monument Application’ form HERE.