Burial Regulations

The following regulations apply to Checkley Parish Cemetery, Hollington Road, Upper Tean, Staffordshire and have been put in place to ensure that maintenance costs and appearance can be managed.

These regulations supersede any previous versions.
The Parish Council reserves the right to amend, alter or add to these regulations at any time.

  1. Graves must be level with the surrounding ground, no raised plinths, no kerbs, railings or chippings shall be included in any memorial.
  2. Only standard memorial vases are permitted and must be attached to the base and to the side of an approved memorial.
  3. No breakable or unauthorised items of any description e.g. glass, earthenware, bricks, blocks etc. of any kind will be allowed. Any such items will, in the interest of safety, be immediately removed and disposed of without notification.
  4. The front of the memorial must remain grassed, no trees, shrubs or plants may be planted on the grave.
  5. Remembrance Day poppies and Christmas wreaths must be removed after six weeks.
  6. All monuments must be within the permitted dimensions.
  7. Memorial material used should be natural stone selected from those permitted by the Council.
  8. The upright stone or base if used, should be fixed on a foundation slab which is flush with the ground so that a mower may pass freely over it. The slab should extend between 3” to 6” all round.  Due regards should be paid to the nature of the ground and the problem of settlement.
  9. The headstone may stand on a stone base, provided that the base is an integral part of the design and does not project beyond the upright stone more than 4” in any direction, unless a vase hole is included, when it may project 4” in front and 2” behind the upright stone.  Overall a headstone for a burial should not exceed a total width of 46″ and a total height of 31″.  A cremation headstone should not exceed a total width of 24″ and a total height of 31″.
  10. Each headstone must be engraved with the number of the grave.
  11. The Council use their discretion regarding carvings on headstones full details of which must be submitted to the Council beforehand.
  12. Stone crosses are not permitted. Hardwood crosses may be permitted and these should be no more than 3’ in height with the cross piece being in proportion.
  13. Inscriptions should be simple. Plastic lettering is not permitted.
  14. The Council may allow additional inscriptions on existing memorials by consent.
  15. No advertisement or trade mark should be inscribed on a headstone. The mason’s name or Company name may be inscribed at the side or on the reverse in unleaded letters no larger than ½” in height.
  16. No gravestone may be reserved prior to permission from the Council and any space so reserved must be clearly marked. Details of the procedure of the reservation of a grave space should be obtained from the Clerk to the Council.
  17. Owners of grave deeds or persons exercising title of such deeds shall be responsible for the continuous maintenance of any memorial erected on the grave space and shall, if it becomes dangerous or dilapidated, cause it to be restored to pristine condition or arrange for its removal from the Cemetery grounds upon receipt of official notification from the Parish Council.
  18. Responsibility for the removal of a memorial, from the Cemetery, to facilitate further interments lies solely with the owner of the grave deeds or person exercising title of such deeds and they are responsible for arranging its reinstatement on the grave space within nine months of the date of such interments, or arranging with the Parish Council for its removal from the Cemetery grounds.
  19. The Parish Council may remove any memorial where work has not been carried out or authorised. This may be at the owner’s expense.
  20. Memorial masons should satisfy themselves at to the stability of the soil or footings and its ability to support a memorial before the memorial is erected.
  21. All memorials placed in the Burial Ground are at the risk of the owner and the Council will not be responsible for any damage or injury.
  22. No dogs are permitted in the cemetery except guide dogs.
  23. The Council reserves the right to designate where the burial takes place.

Last reviewed 1st July 2016

To contact the Parish Clerk – Siân Morgan-Owen:

Post Great Wood Hall

Hollington Road

Upper Tean


ST10 4JY

Phone 07840 456397
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